Complete Guide to Successful Selling - BOOK

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Selling is a technology, and you can master it! No matter the current financial climate, if you and your sales staff understand the full technology of selling, you can flourish and prosper. Although closing and objection handling skills are important, the technology of selling contains many vital tools, including the Four Tools of Selling: Communication, Emotions, Control and Interest.

Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, The Complete Guide To Successful Selling is a powerful sales training guide, with over a hundred drills you can easily do on your own to perfect your selling skills. Whether you are new to the game of sales, or a seasoned professional, this book has everything you need to know on the subject, including the four primary types of objections, the eight steps of selling, and over a dozen specially designed closing techniques. Learn the technology of selling!

Soft cover. Perfect bound. Produced in SA.

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